Nowadays, it seems like nothing is safe. Websites can view your browsing history and target advertisements based directly on your interests; if you’re applying for a new job, your Facebook profile can make or break your chances, even if you try your best to delete incriminating posts and pictures; credit card companies and big corporations like Target and Sony have been under attack, and customer’s information has been compromised. Being a “spy” has evolved into hacking and deceiving your way around the internet to access information, but this hasn’t always been the case. Peruse the pages to view some of the early forms of spying and subterfuge, along with descriptions of real gadgets, some notable historical applications, and how spies and secret agents have infiltrated the film industry over the years.

I run a roof repair company in Harrisonburg VA and even I’m super paranoid even though I don’t do anything wrong. My roof repair buddies down in Richmond (at, my roof replacement chesterfield va buddies and my roof replacement henrico va friends all agree that it’s a scary world out there. Even a paving contractor that does parking lot paving Seattle Washington knows what I’m talking about. So much has changed in the last 30 years it would make your head spin. Facebook did not exist 30 years ago and the patriot act certainly did not.

Please enjoy my website. It’s a collection of cool spy gear over the years! Some of it seems very low-tech but it was high-tech when it was out and I think it’s cool to see how far we have come (even if it’s a bit scary).

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